Best Practice Framework course

Harport Consulting offers Best Practice Framework training for business users of “mind mapping” software, who are already familiar with their software.

Harport Consulting Best Practice Framework for mind mapping software

The Best Practice Framework course has one simple learning outcome – to design maps that can be understood by anyone. Too often, we assume that our business maps are as clear to others as they are to us, but this is often not the case. If you are working collaboratively with others in business and using mind mapping software, you may already have experienced some of the effects of this.

The white paper, Mind the gap: the assumption built into mind mapping software describes the background to this issue and shows a sample solution. To access the Lab downloads area for this paper and other resources, simply sign up for the Harport Consulting Labs newsletter with the form on the right.

Best Practice Framework

Key learning outcome

  • To design maps that others can easily understand

What you will learn

  • Recognising and solving problems that arise from author-centric mind maps
  • How software limitations affect maps
  • How to take advantage of the capabilities of software
  • How to design information for use by others
  • How to choose maps designs that reflect their business purpose
  • How to describe the behaviour and characteristics of software mind maps
  • How to work with maps that are too big to see


  • Mind Mapping software – the big picture
    Understanding the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of mind mapping software, and how they manifest in business
  • Communicating inductively
    Finding meaningful hierarchies, and designing communication to take advantage of tree structures
  • Designing and using templated layouts
    Reflecting different types of business purpose in the structure of maps, to help readers understand your objectives and follow your arguments
  • Working with large maps
    Understanding the hazards of oversized mind maps, and how to design around them to maintain usability
  • Map Surgery
    Solutions to your challenges


This course is designed for users who are already using mind mapping software on  a regular basis in business, or who manage teams that collaborate with mind mapping software. It is not a technology-based course and does not cover software features, but focuses on the design of maps at a high level.


The short format of the Best Practice Framework course can be delivered online, in a 45-minute one-to-one session at a time to suit you. This is a live session, not a recording.

Alternatively, if there are a group of users at your organisation, a longer on-site session provides deeper insights and the opportunity to discuss and shape the agenda as a group. I am happy to discuss your requirements without obligation, and will try to assist even if Harport Consulting’s training is not appropriate for your current needs.

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