Concept Mapping and mind mapping

A Concept Map drawn by Network Builder in MindManager

A Concept Map drawn with Mindjet MindManager

Concept Mapping is often overlooked by mind mappers, who assume that mind mapping can meet the majority of their needs, making other techniques unnecessary. But Concept Maps visualise information in terms of causes and relationships, rather than in terms of unspecified connections. Concept maps are more precise and more explicit. While mind maps are great for information, Concept maps visualiseĀ knowledge. They are rarely used as a business tool, yet are a very effective way to document and explain more complex ideas in a compact format.

The example above is a Concept Map about Concept Mapping, which seems like a circular argument, but is worth studying. It demonstrates how ideas are connected in deliberate and explained ways which form readable propositions, rather than just connected somehow, leaving the reader to deduce the connection.

The Lab Downloads area has a white paper comparing and contrasting both techniques, which you can access via the form on the right. If you use MindjetĀ® MindManagerĀ®, you can experiment with concept maps in MindManager with the Network Builder add-in.

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